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Our Mission

Our Mission

Share - Project SPEAC allows students in the US and in Iran to share their experiences and interests with one another through a safe and monitored environment. **This is NOT a platform to share political views.**

Participate - Students in the United States and Iran have a unique opportunity to learn about each other through Project SPEAC.


Enable - Project SPEAC will provide the youth in the United States with a unique opportunity to have a dialogue with their Iranian peers. A simple conversation enables American and Iranian students to discover that they have a lot in common. This will break stereotypes and create more cultural understanding.

Act - The main goal of Project SPEAC is to eliminate the negative perceptions of the Iranian people that exist in America. My hope is that students who have participated in Project SPEAC will spread that message, and explain to others that contrary to what is shown on the news, Iranian people are not terrorists, do not hate Americans, and are a lot more similar to Americans than they are different.

Connect - This website is a platform for students in the United States and in Iran to connect, whether it be on personal goals, school and life experiences, and/or hobbies. **This is NOT a platform to share political views.**

"If we cannot now end our differences, at least we can help make the world safe for diversity." ~ John F. Kennedy

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