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About Us


My name is Nedda and I decided to create this website towards earning the Girl Scouts Gold Award to benefit my community in a sustainable manner. This website enables students in the United States and Iran to conduct video chats with each other. All meetings are scheduled and monitored by teachers who have registered for Project SPEAC.


I am an Iranian-American who is proud to call Wisconsin home. I am also proud of my Iranian heritage and have always tried to maintain a strong connection with my extended family in Iran.


Whenever I travel to Iran with my family, I am amazed at all the beauty that this country offers -- from its rich history and fantastic food, to people who are considered one of the most hospitable in the world. Yet, it pains me to witness all the animosity between the two governments and the negative stigma associated with Iran in the American media.


My goal is to show my American friends that the hostility between the two governments does not represent the feelings of the Iranian people towards Americans. I strongly believe that the best way to build cultural awareness is to simply have a conversation. Since most of my American friends had never met anyone from Iran, I decided to bring Iran to their classrooms. This project is a result of my passion for helping my American friends to find common ground with their Iranian peers.

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