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Project SPEAC in Action

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Some high school students in the United States share their experiences from having conversations with students in Iran through Project SPEAC.

"It was fun to talk with people so far away and yet have so much in common despite a very different culture." - Participating HS student

"I enjoyed hearing about Iranian culture and daily life, it was interesting and more similar to mine than I expected." - Participating HS student

"You never truly know or understand who someone is before you end up interacting with them." - Participating HS student

"Although our cultures have many differences, as people, we can still connect and laugh together at the same things." - Participating HS student

"K-Pop is universal. People are people with favorite foods, concerns about their education, etc." - Participating HS teacher

"I enjoyed getting to learn about the Iranian culture and getting to know the students we Skyped with. It was a very encouraging experience and I sincerely hope everyone, at some point, has a similar opportunity."

- Participating HS student

"We were actually able to connect with people who were thousands of miles away! It was really interesting to hear what they had to say."

- Participating HS student

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